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John Mayer Heart of Life
ジョン・メイヤーの曲、Heart Of Lifeの歌詞というか、タイトルの意味を、直訳ではなく、詩、Poetryとして解釈した場合、どういう意味になるかお教えください。歌詞の一部を掲載しますと、Pain throws your heart to the groundLove turns the whole thing aroundFear is a...(2019/04/08)

Gears Of War 3オンラインサービス
XBOX360のGears Of War 3のオンラインサービスは現在(2019年3月28日)まだやってますでしょうか?(2019/03/28)

catching a cuff full of
I parked the car under the black-green canopy of three oaks, and walked towards the sound of the tennis balls. I heard an exasperated voice say, “Deuce again.” It was Brenda and she sounded as though she was sweating considerably. I crackled slowly up...(2019/03/22)

a lot of について
a lot of ? が「多くの?」という意味なのはわかるのですが、〔a  ? of 〕という表現は「多くの?」という予測を立ててもいいのでしょうか??a large number ofa substantial of a quart of など。。。。もし予想が当たっているのであれば理由といろんな表現を知りたいで...(2019/03/09)

I am god teacherとは?
If you think I am god teacher please write that after class . Can you that for me ?という英会話講師のコメントですがgod をgoodと間違えたのでしょうか?それとも何か特別な意味合いがあるのでしょうか?(2019/02/09)

stay on top of his job
Two years ago, my husband’s personality drastically changed overnight. Months later, after showing him one of your columns, I convinced him to see a doctor. It turns out he had a minor stroke at the age of 40. He did not notice the change; however, I w...(2019/02/06)

war warning warm ward等の違い
war warning warm ward award等の違いが分かりません。発音記号だと以下のようですが、warウ゛ォー や warnウォァン のように同じ発音記号でも違う音に聞こえてしまいます。アドバイスをお願い致します。war /w?:r/warn /w?:rn/warm /w?:rm/wear /we?r/(2019/01/08)

upward of
(ロボットの発展についての話)The economic value created by an increased automation is going to be immense. Some analysts believe developing robots for use in fields such as medical care, retail and personal services could create upward of $3 trillion i...(2019/01/05)

tens of ・・・とhighlight
From the Himalayan region of Ladakh to the deck of an aircraft carrier,《tens of thousands》 in India joined Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 21 to celebrate the fourth International Day of Yoga, with a few wearing masks to 《highlight》 p...(2018/12/22)

That’s big of him.
Q: Invalid Marriage: We recently found out that my “husband” is still married to his first wife. I feel like a fraud and want to get an annulment. My “husband” feels like it’s no big deal. It’s a big deal to me. What say you, Prudence? A: Someone...(2018/12/16)

get a hold of
I live in a different city from my long-term boyfriend, whom I love dearly. This weekend, I had far too much to drink and kissed another guy at a bar. It was a complete stranger?not someone I’m friends with, or attracted to, or anything of the sort. I ...(2018/12/01)

power of attorney
My soon-to-be ex-wife and I live on the West Coast, while my 92-year-old mother lives in a senior facility in New York. She is happy there. She is still mentally sharp, but her body is starting to become frail. My wife has become the primary caregiver f...(2018/11/23)

out of touch
I overheard my older daughter telling her sister about her experience during her semester abroad?her sexual experience. She slept with nine different men, one in each country she visited. I left before I could hear more. I never thought that I was a pru...(2018/11/17)

a bag of worms
Over the past year or so, two things have happened: 1) after years of questioning and repressing various feelings, I’ve finally come to terms with my bisexuality, and 2) I’ve realized that I might be in love with my best guy friend, “Sam” (I’m a wo...(2018/11/08)

a bout of unemployment
I am 39, looking for the love of my life after a hard couple of years. My mother recently died of an aggressive form of cancer, and I only recently got back on my feet after a bout of unemployment. a bout ofはどのように訳したら良いでしょうか?よろしくお...(2018/10/30)

had her pick of colleges
My daughter “Sarah” is 21. She did extremely well in high school and had her pick of colleges. She chose to attend a great college about two hours from home. had her pick of collegesはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします(2018/10/30)

get out of work
My boyfriend and I have been together for 6? years. He went on vacation a few months ago without me (I could not get out of work), and he met a woman on the plane ride there. She is his age, had similar interests, and loves beer. He gave her his number ...(2018/10/23)


the amount of sugar について
half the amount of sugarの英語の並びが正解でなぜ the amount of half sugar の並びが誤りなのか説明ができません。ご教示宜しくお願いいたします。(2018/10/07)

get the time of day
Q. I’M the gay sister: I’m writing to you because I am too embarrassed to say this to anyone I know. I’m an out lesbian, and I have been for years. It’s been a process getting my family on board, and some still aren’t. My younger sister is amazing ...(2018/10/05)

bridesmaidとmaid of honor
bridesmaidとmaid of honorの違いは何でしょうか?調べたらそれについての記事があったのですが、良くわかりませんでした。よろしくお願いします(2018/09/27)

make a spectacle of
I live in a Southern state, and our home is located in a community of houses that are built pretty close together. Our neighborhood is a mix of families and young professionals. My husband and I have a 15-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. Our ne...(2018/09/16)

World of Warships 日本艦艇
日本艦艇の技術ツリーですが、軽巡が好きで、天龍と球磨を交互に使用しています。戦艦は河内・妙義ですが、殆ど妙義のみ状態。=天龍・球磨・妙義をローテーション使用中。相談)次のTier Vの艦艇で金剛か古鷹の、どちらを先に採用するか迷っています。駆逐艦は魚雷攻撃が...(2018/09/15)

made a game out of
A new neighbor moved in across the street a few months ago. I haven’t had any contact with him but he looks to be in his early 20s, and his car has out-of-state plates. I live in a city neighborhood with weekly street sweeping, frequent roadwork, and s...(2018/09/14)

Fair Share of Air Travel?
掲題(do one's fair share of air travel)の意味がわかりません。よろしければ教えてください。(同一区間・条件で、大手航空会社の正規運賃より安いチケットの入手のことでしょうか?スカイマークやスターフライヤーの正規運賃も大手からみればこれに該当するのでしょうか...(2018/09/04)

その他([技術者向] コンピューター)
【ブロックチェーン技術のPOS(Proof of
【ブロックチェーン技術のPOS(Proof of Stakeプルーフオブステーク)について質問です】LINEの仮想通貨はPOS型だそうですが、POSはマイニング作業が不要だそうですが、どうやって通貨の量を増やせるのですか?胴元のライン社が発行総数を増やしたいと思ったら簡単に増やせ...(2018/09/02)

facets of my appearance
“Katie” has been my best friend for five years. I have enjoyed being friends with her, but she tends to be overly critical of people she’s close to. For example, she’s criticized facets of my appearance, my decision to date certain guys, and even my...(2018/08/23)

live out of your basket
Q. Re: I’ve got bedbugs: I had bedbugs in a previous apartment and had to move out after rounds of unsuccessful treatment. On the psychological side, I hear you! Many sleepless nights were spent searching images on Google and reading forums. It helps t...(2018/08/17)

What kind of school do yo
What kind of school do you attend?と聞かれたのですが、どういう意味ですか?あと、答え方も教えて頂けるとうれしいです!(2018/08/09)

The problem of the hull b
The problem of the hull being sucked back downwards into the mud was overcome by using 12 hydraulic jacks.こちらも以前質問させて頂いたものと同じです。backとdownwardsですが、同じような意味に思えますがどちらか一つではだめだったのでしょうか。訳も気になって...(2018/08/08)

Because of the way the sh
Because of the way the ship sank, nearly all of the starboard half survived intact.以前質問させて頂いたものと同じになりますが、まだ分からないのでもう一度投稿させて頂きます。最後のintactですが、なぜここに形容詞が入るのでしょうか。S V Cになっていると以前...(2018/08/08)

coolest of customers
This erratic behavior might have nothing to do with you; painful dental problems can derail the coolest of customers.the coolest of customersのof にはどのような意味があるでしょうか?よろしくお願いします(2018/07/04)

out of ~ の意味
out of control 制御不能out of order 故障中out of shape 形が崩れた、不調でout of が付くと否定的な意味になっているので、out of curiosity は、興味がないといったような意味だと思ったら、好奇心からという意味だと知って、なんで逆の意味になるんだろうと不思...(2018/07/03)


in the barest of senses
Back in October, my boyfriend essentially ended our three-and-a-half-year relationship. He said he couldn’t do it anymore, wasn’t happy, and found someone else even though (as he would admit) I gave him no reason to be unhappy. He stayed around to off...(2018/05/25)

物理学には万物の理論(Theory of ever
物理学には万物の理論(Theory of everything )と呼ばれる方程式がありますが、この方程式のS=は「作用」を表しているとのことですが、どの様な単語の頭文字でしょうか?よろしくお願い致します。(2018/05/18)

take the spot of
I am a straight woman who recently moved to the U.S. In order to make friends, I joined a softball team. I found a team that was described as “feminist”; I later found out that it was a lesbian team. (I don’t mean that it is gay-friendly, I mean that...(2018/04/30)

in not serviceとout of
out of serviceの違いを教えて下さいよろしくお願いします、ペコリンm(*μ_μ)m(2018/04/15)

my wing of the school
I am a teacher at a large high school, and typically only interact with those in my wing of the wing of the schoolとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします(2018/04/15)

the run of the house
Jack and Rose have a beloved cat that has the run of the house, including tables and countertops, as well as the kitchen sink.ここでのrunはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします(2018/03/29)

TOEICの教材に出てくるの文について解説お願いします。Of the apartments I've seen so far, I think this one is the best.今まで見てきたアパートの中でここが一番良いと思います。ofが?の中でという意味になるのでしょうか。私からするとその場合inを使うのではないかと...(2018/03/17)

I aged out of foster care
I aged out of foster care,とはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします(2018/03/08)

in service of
Which is why I think that maybe your next step, instead of trying to change your feelings from the inside out, is to start acting in service of various greater goods and letting the effects work their way in.

和訳 focus of this lawsuit
和訳はあっているでしょうか?添削をお願いいたします(外国人です)The above is not censored. Names are omitted because there is no question of fact, and because the focus of this lawsuit shouldn't be about Plaintiff (he is just one of countless others).上記...(2018/03/01)

stray out of this mold
Basically, I have been raised in the sort of religious home where it is a must to wait to have sex until marriage. I know it is my choice, but I have never really cared to stray out of this mold.stray out of this moldとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろし...(2018/03/01)

god forbid
So, if you haven't told your therapist about this, please do so right away. And if, god forbid, your current therapist happens to subscribe to your mom's theory that you're being hunted by evil forces from the underworld, please call the NAMI helpline, ...(2018/02/26)

upward of
upward ofにはにあるように2つの意味があるようなのですが、どの文脈でも2通りに捉えられませんか?例えばBut she used my laptop recently, and she left her gmail account up, and I found out she's been sending ...(2018/02/24)

「Republic of Gamers」読み方は?
Asusのパソコン製品系ブランドである【ROG】- Republic of Gamers の読み方を教えてください。また意味は?回答お待ちしております。(2018/02/22)

None of this is on you.
And with that said, here's the thing, dude: you were actively and intentionally deceived by Tammy into believing that she was two years older than she actually is, which means that not only are you not a pedophile for drooling over her photos, but you r...(2018/02/14)


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